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Water System Investments

The District is committed to enhancing the condition of its water system through wise and sound investments in capital improvement projects.  Some of the projects improve the performance of the water system while other projects extend the life of existing facilities and equipment.  All improvement projects are well planned for and are selected based on the best value to the District's Customers.  It is the District's responsibility to identify the needed improvements and we do so by periodically updating the District's Water Master Plan.  This plan helps to identify needed improvements and ranks them based on their benefits.  

Some of the District's more recent notable capital improvements include the following projects:

In Progress - Service Line Replacements. This project consists of replacing old galvanized water service lines that connect meters to the District's main waterlines with new copper water service lines.  The galvanized lines are about 50 years old and are susceptible to leaks and flow issues.  This has been an ongoing project over the last few years.

In Progress - Las Vecinas / Stimson Alleyway Waterline Replacement. This project will replace 300 feet of aging and failing 2 inch steel waterline with a new 4 inch ductile iron waterline that feeds 5 homes on Las Vecinas Avenue and Stimson Avenue.

2013 - Zone 2 Booster Station Piping Improvements.  This project consisted of replacing old piping at the station site to improve the reliability and efficiency of the booster pumps.

2012 - Zone 3 Improvement Project.  This project improved the water pressure reliability and flow capacity of the District's Zone 3. The improvements included a new 10 inch waterline connection to the Industry Public Utilities Water System's reservoirs on Industry Hills. The new connection allows Zone 3 to be supplied even when there is a power failure.  It also acts as an emergency back-up supply for the District's Zone 2.
2011 - Zone 4 Booster Pump Station Upgrades.  This project was constructed to reduce pumping costs and improve the reliability and capacity of the pumping system.
2010 - Single Pass Ion Exchange System.  This project was constructed to replace the older less efficient ion exchange treatment system.  This new water treatment system uses resin material that is designed for the selective removal of the contaminant perchlorate. This process is much like a household water softening system. However, this system does not require regeneration using salt water, like most other ion exchange processes. In addition, this new system produces virtually no wastewater and is estimated to have the resin replaced every 6 to 9 months.
2009 - Main Street Reservoir Relining and Recoating. This project consisted of the removal and replacement of the reservoir’s interior coating and painting of the exterior. This investment adds many years to the service life of the reservoir.  
2008 - Well No. 5. This new well is now the main source of water supply for the District, producing approximately 3.5 million gallons a day through the District’s Treatment Plant. This project was funded through the San Gabriel Basin Restoration Funds, Title XVI Federal Funds and other funding sources. 
2006 to 2011 - Radio Read Meter Installations. This project consisted of replacing aging water meters to with new meters that can be read via radio.  The new meters improve meter reading accuracy and reduce staff time to read meters.
As the District celebrates its 89th year of service to the community, we look back and take pride in the many accomplishments that have supported the District’s mission of providing high quality water at the most reasonable cost possible. The District has been able to carry out its mission and maintain and improve its water system without the need of financing, meaning the District has no debt. The District has consistently provided water to its customer’s at rates well below the average of San Gabriel Valley Water Purveyors.

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