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As General Manager of La Puente Valley County Water District, I would like to welcome you to our website; my hope is that you are provided with enough information about our District and its functions to meet your needs.


For over 94 years, the District has been providing water services to our Customers. We are proud of our long history of providing reliable, high-quality water at a reasonable cost. Our commitment to our customers is first and foremost. We are proud of the loyal and dedicated employees who demonstrate excellence in service each and every day.  Customers expect that at any time of the day when they turn on the tap, water is there and is safe to drink. What is unknown to many is what goes into providing that service.  Maintaining the water supply, treating the water to meet the numerous water quality standards and moving it through the water distribution system all year long to the District’s Customers, is a job we take seriously.

The State of California’s water supply is still recovering from one of the worst droughts ever.  In 2017, Governor lifted the drought emergency, but declared that California must continue water conservation efforts.  The temporary bans on wasteful water use during the drought are now permanent.


Locally, the District relies on producing groundwater from the Main San Gabriel Groundwater Basin (Basin) to meet the water supply needs of its customers.  Although water supply conditions throughout the State have greatly improved, water levels in the Basin remain near all-time lows.  The Basin relies on local rainfall in the San Gabriel Valley and snowfall in the San Gabriel Mountains to replenish groundwater levels. Rainfall in the Valley this last winter season was far below average.  In fact, since 2006, there have only been three years where rainfall in the Valley has been over average.  Simply put, over the last decade total rainfall in the Valley has been far below average. Although the District still has adequate water supply, prudent management of the Basin is essential for long-term water supply reliability. This extended local drought has shown how invaluable our Basin is during times of drought.


The District along with the other San Gabriel Valley water providers work cooperatively with the Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster to do all we can to best manage the Basin. Part of this groundwater management effort includes purchasing additional imported water when available to help maintain the Basin levels during times of local droughts. This effort will result in an increase in the cost of pumping water from the Basin and will impact our rates. The District continues to work hard to minimize the impact of rising water costs while ensuring a reliable water supply for its customers.


As we work together to fulfill our mission, I welcome any comments or questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me by calling the District office at (626) 330-2126.


Greg B. Galindo


General Manager

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