Notice of Public Hearing

The Industry Public Utilities Commission (“IPUC”) will hold a public hearing on the proposed Emergency Water Conservation Restrictions on December 21, 2021, at 8:30 AM via teleconference.

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IPU - Improvement Projects

Water System Investments
Industry Public Utilities is committed to enhancing the condition of its water system through wise and sound investments in capital improvement projects. These investments will ensure that the water system will deliver high quality water to its customers long into the future.
Some of the recent water system investments include:

Service Line Replacements - Throughout the water system, water meter service connections (service lines) installed decades ago, were constructed with materials that have a higher tendency to leak compared to materials used for new service installations. Over the last several years over 250 service lines have been replaced with new service lines. These improvements reduces the amount of leaks that will need to be repaired, improves service reliability and saves water. 

Well No. 5 Rehabilitation Project - In 2019, the IPU completed a rehabilitation of its Well No. 5, which is the primary source of supply for the IPU water system. This work extends the life of the well and improved the efficiency of the pumping equipment. 

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